Exercise Your Brain

Research indicates that keeping your brain active as you age may help to generate new brain cells and make new connections in the brain.

Stimulate Your Brain Cells with Activity

Strive to keep your mind active by engaging in brain-boosting activities. Try playing brain games for fun brain health practice.

Here are some helpful tips for a mentally engaged mind:

  • Commit to lifelong learning. Intellectual curiosity, pursuit of education, reading, learning new activities and skills and even playing games are fun and easy ways to exercise your mind.
  • Find a brain-stimulating activity you enjoy such as reading, crosswords, learning a new language, whatever — and engage in it regularly.
  • Learn something new each month. Attend lectures, enroll in continuing education classes or join a hobby group.
  • Try memory games and exercises.
  • Keep a mentally engaged mind by living with a “use it or lose it” philosophy throughout life.

Keep your brain in shape while playing these fun games. Scroll down, click play and you'll be improving your brain health in no time!


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