Tips for Staying Active During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a time to look after your body with extra special care – even when your energy levels seem to be at the lowest. Most health professionals agree that for the majority of women, some exercise in pregnancy is beneficial to both mother and baby. Here are a few tips to help you stay active before baby arrives:

Listen to your body

Your body is very wise in that it will tell you its limitations. Only exercise if you feel up to it and stop at any time if you become uncomfortable or feel something isn’t right. This isn’t the time to go for the burn! Try the ‘Talk Test’ – if you can carry on a conversation comfortably while exercising, you’re probably working to an appropriate level.

Water babes and babies!

Carrying a growing human puts a lot of pressure on the body, meaning you may not feel like hitting the gym or jogging. Try getting in the water instead. Water aerobics and other water-based activities keep you moving and the water eases stress on the joints.

Careful with team sports

This goes without saying, but if you play any game where you’re likely to be knocked off balance, you need to enjoy your sport from the sidelines until baby comes. Don’t do any physical activity where you could risk a knock or trauma to yourself or your precious cargo.

Buddy up

Take a friend or your partner to the gym with you for some support and motivation, or look at other ways to exercise. Our mild winters mean you can still get out and about for a walk, which is a great time to chat about what you’re most looking forward to about meeting your baby!

Good hydration

You’re drinking for two now! Remember to stay well hydrated at all times and especially if you’re doing physical activity.

Please consult your doctor before engaging in any physical activity. 

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