Diet and Fitness Tips for Your Kids

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02 May 2016


A healthy body is important for a healthy mind, especially for children. Proper nutrition and outdoor play can go a long way in supporting mental health.

When adults think of exercising, they imagine weights and a stair master. It’s a bit different for kids – they think of outdoor activities and recess. Here are some top-rated exercises for kids.

A game of H-O-R-S-E on the basketball court brings the family together and gets your kids moving their arms and legs.

  • Biking not only allows your kids to see the neighborhood or new places, but it gives them a cardio workout to exercise their entire body.
  • Team sports help teach kids the importance of working in a group, as well as allow them to run with their friends on the soccer field or tennis court.

Encouraging your kids to eat healthy foods may be challenging, as their favorite foods are most often sugary and high in bad fats. Here are a few tips for serving your kids the nutrients they need:

  • Protein is important to grow their muscles. Good sources of protein that are kid-friendly include scrambled eggs, milk, string cheese and chicken.
  • Kids love their carbohydrates, and it’s important to serve it without a lot of added sugar. Try serving your kids complex carbs found in fruit, whole-wheat bread and whole grain cereal.
  • Serve sources of omega-3s such as tuna or salmon. These foods are rich in DHA, which is important for brain, heart and eye development. For kids who are picky about what they eat, offer them a daily DHA omega-3 supplement to help fill in the gaps when they aren’t eating perfectly.

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