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  • life’sDHA Editors - 07/04/19

    How This Memory Champion Trains His Brain

    Nelson Dellis, 4-time USA Memory Champion and adventure sport athlete, shares what a typical day looks like for this athlete. Nutrition is an important part of his daily routine and his training program. Brain Armor with life’sOMEGA vegetarian DHA and EPA omega-3s help to support his journey.  read more
  • Melanie McGrice, AdvAPD - 04/30/19

    4 Key Nutrients for a Healthy Vegetarian Pregnancy

    A nutritious diet is essential for every mother-to-be as nutritional deficiencies are common during pregnancy, but for the vegetarian mamma, it is even more important. Learn about four key nutrients for a healthy vegetarian pregnancy from award-winning dietitian Melanie McGrice, AdvAPD.  read more
  • Many mothers are caring for more people than just their children, they’re also caring for their parents who need to maintain healthy habits throughout the second half of their lives. If you’re a caregiver, read on to learn how an important nutrient – omega-3s – can help support your loved ones’ health.  read more
  • Most American’s aren’t consuming enough nutrients from their daily diet. According to a paper published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, only one percent of the population meets minimum standards of a balanced diet. So, many of us – especially if we are dieting, are over the age of 50, are pregnant, or exercise – can benefit from a well-chosen supplement  read more

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